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Thank You!

I am so grateful to call you family, friend, or business associate. Thank you so much for attending our soft opening. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Our Story...

BJohn Beauty's goal is to provide women with an extended beauty experience that enhances their everyday lives. Creating a safe space to learn, grow and feel beautiful will be the core elements to drive ladies to come together as a whole. Our passion lies in allowing individuals to be their true selves.  Understanding the journey it takes to expand and grow in the beauty industry has allowed us to create a platform to do the same for others. Filling the gap is now a mission and we will continue to bring beauty and happiness to all!

Support Here

We appreciate all support given.  There is nothing like words of encouragement, check-ins, resources, or networking opportunities.  Donations are accepted as well. Thanks in advance!


Phone: 434-607-9398

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